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Take the holistic path towards improving your health.

Christine Sotmary M.S., L.Ac., CPC
Let us show you how our integrative approach can help you:

Just like a car needs a lifetime of maintainence, our bodies need upkeep and attention. Injuries and illness can sidetrack our dance goals......misery! Stress and the aging process can cause us to feel stiff and exhausted....more misery!

Getting help early will help avoid breakdowns later.


Acupuncture allows us to heal quickly and get back to what we love to do. That may be dancing or other physical challenges that require a fit, energized body.

Acupuncture gets us strong again, with the vitality we need to get back out there and enjoy life.

Ongoing acupuncture can help to connect the dots between our emotions and our physical symptoms. The holistic approach is to treat all levels of physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing.


Life Coaching can help us organize our thoughts and motivate us to take action. Just as a body may not be as flexible as it once was, our minds often get stuck in a repetitive rut.

We may be thinking about competing or taking up a new activity. Maybe it's just about wanting to eat better. With your Life Coach you declare your goals and we support you in getting there. When you reach success, we celebrate your acheivements with you. It's the best part of the coaching relationship!


Physical challenges can be draining. NutraMetrix are professionally recommended supplements that allow us to stay balanced and energized. Health Concerns Chinese herbal formulas are a gentle way to reach health and wellness goals.

Offices in: Upper and Lower Westchester and New York City

Call or Text: 917-273-1308


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